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You can ignore everything below this text as it is for my use when in training session.

Thanks for your business. You are valued and appreciated.

The Internet is a wonderful place where in many ways the playing field is level and fair for all. However, there are a small number of ethically challenged individuals who try and game the system. Please understand that we are in no way insinuating that you are someone who would try and do that.

Please help us to continue to offer our products and services at competitive prices while providing excellent customer service and special attention to detail our customers have come to love and appreciate. This is for our mutual protection. Your cooperation helps us to keep our business costs down and allows us to pass the savings back to our customers. Thanks for understanding.

Please carefully read and make sure you fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions before you pay this invoice. This helps us to continue to offer outstanding customer service and avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. We want this to be a very pleasant experience for you today and look forward to serving you as a valuable customer now and in the future.

I agree to and accept the following terms of this purchase:

I AUTHORIZE this transaction voluntarily. I understand this purchase is NONREFUNDABLE. I have been given a complete and thorough description of what I’m purchasing today and I FULLY UNDERSTAND what I’m buying. I am the owner / authorized account holder including PayPal and / or any associated credit card and / or other funding source such as a checking account etc. I have the authority to make this purchase today and am doing so voluntarily and without coercion. The method by which my product / service will be delivered has been fully explained to me and I clearly understand it.

In the event of a dispute, I fully understand and agree to pay any and all associated expenses of YOUR ENTITY NAME including time, legal and collection fees required to fully collect the original amount of this sale plus whatever additional amount is required to collect same. I further agree this terms and conditions agreement shall remain binding and legally enforceable and supersede anything else in any jurisdiction. I further understand that my credit rating may be directly effected should the matter be turned over to a collection agency.

I fully acknowledge that I AGREE and ACCEPT these terms and CONFIRM my ACCEPTANCE by completing payment of this invoice. I understand this sale is FINAL.

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